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nature & science


We are based in New Zealand, home to the most spectacular physical attractions like rainforests, unpolluted beaches and a stunning coutryside. 


And we believe that science and nature complement each other.


Our products are made to the standard of the European Union, arguably the strictest cosmetic regulatory standard worldwide. While this significantly impacts on the cost of manufacturing, we strongly believe that going beyond minimum requirements is what our customers deserve.


Don't you want the very best?


The cornerstone of the EU standard is that all products are subject to a formalized safety assesment. The assesment requires that all products have to undergo challenge testing and stability testing. Also, the labelling regulations require a more specific declaration of ingredients than in many other regions.  


Our products are not tested on animals.


Our products are Paraben free.


Our products are manufactured under certified GMP standard.


Our products are made exclusivly with ingredients that can be traced back to the source.







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