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nature & science are Leonardo's secret ingredients

inspired by renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci, we believe that science and nature complement each other.


















our skincare products are made to the standard of the European Union, arguably the strictest cosmetic regulatory standard worldwide. While this significantly impacts on the cost of manufacturing, we strongly believe that going beyong minimum requirements is what our customers deserve.


the cornerstone of the EU cosmetic standard is that all products are subject to a formalized safety assesment. The assessment requires that all products have to undergo challenge testing and stability testing. Also, the labelling regulations require a more specific declaration of ingredients than in many other regions.  


our products are not tested on animals.


our products are parabene free.


our products are made under Good Manufacturing Practice conditions.


Leonardo da Vinci is the inspiration behind our brand. A genius with many faces. Da Vinci was an inventor, painter, engineer, botanist, architect, sculptor, scientist, musician, mathematician, anatomist, geologist, astronomer, cartographer, botanist, historian and writer. He embodies the Renaissance humanist ideal like no other. 


Da Vinci's work as a botanist is not what he is famous for, and yet it represents one of his most extensive fields of study. He filled myriad notebooks with sketches and detailed illustrations of flowers, plants, crops and berries.


Leonardo Skincare uses a fine selection of some of the plants which Leonardo da Vinci passionately studied so many years ago.

Leonardo gift sets for 'him'

we have designed beautiful gift sets for 'him'. perfect wedding anniversary gifts. Or maybe you are looking for an exclusive birthday present to surprise your partner or boyfriend? 

make a statement and let genius Leonardo da Vinci inspire your loved ones! 



















the gift packs come with an interesting booklet on Leonardo da Vinci and the brand Leonardo Skincare.


we believe in respect for natureOur products feature essential oils derived from plants like raspberry, rosemary, cedar wood and thyme.

we believe that science complements natureOur formulations merge the very best of the two worlds into sophisticated, holistic and scientifically tested skincare products.

we believe in facing reality. Life is about growing as an individual, understanding the world around us and honesty, first and foremost with ourselves.

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